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Mentorship Scheme

Purpose of a Mentoring Program

✓ The program provides a platform for new teachers to seek professional assistance from experienced teachers.      All first year Glee Path  teachers (Mentees) will be paired up with experienced teachers (Mentors).

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentor

✓ Understand the typical need and challenges of the Mentee

✓ Develop and use a variety of strategies to assist the Mentee

✓ Observe and provide feedback to the Mentee and share their experiences

✓ Give support and guidance to the Mentee so as to enhance teaching and learning effectiveness

✓ Be open and supportive

✓ Aim at enhancing the Mentee’s professional development

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentee

✓ Try to adjust to the school life in Glee Path

✓ Seek advice from the Mentor if necessary

✓ Communicate with the Mentor regularly

✓ Accept challenges

✓ Develop own teaching styles over time

Roles of the School Administrator

✓ Carefully Match the Mentee with a mentor with reference to the record of proven success, knowledge and           skills

✓ Arrange meetings and class observations for mentors and mentees individually or with administrators and             principal