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How do students learn in GP?

Learning Activities

Glee Path students are highly motivated learners who implement what they have been taught in schools through group projects and competitions. We promote e-learning among our students by giving each student one iPad to use within lessons and outside the class room. 

Teachers are focused on providing a welcoming learning environment that allows Chinese students and non-Chinese students in our school to integrate together through peer learning.

Every term, all students submit a learner's portfolio that showcases their work and reflection on their school experiences: Academics, ECAS, career planning and others. It aims to be a reminder for our students of how much growth they have gone through and a proud display of their works to help them reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. Through the learner's portfolio, students learn about the responsibility of long-term projects and how to make reports and reflection.

Learning through Reading

Our renovated library, Readingland, offers a comfortable reading environment for our students to use during breaks and after school. The library aims to nurture readers of all interests and reading abilities through its vast collection of Chinese and English books.  Older students can use the subscriptions to research databases for their own projects and essays.

A series of activities are also held to help promote reading such as through book exhibitions and talks with authors. Books can be found in every corridor of each floor where students can donate books or take them to read.