Our Mission

  • Talent: explore talents in children's families that facilitate the school services and children's development

  • Involvement: involve parents in children’s schooling

  • Inclusion: provide assistance and information to families for better inclusion

  • Communication: facilitate communication between parents and the school

Service Provided

Service IN School

  1. Provide interpretation for parents and teachers

  2. Improve student academic performance

  3. Enhance student's personal growth

  4. Offer temporary emergency financial assistance

Service OUTSIDE School

  1. Provide interpretation when needed

  2. Apply for a government financial assistance (E.g. CSSA)

  3. Provide information and advice on seeking suitable government and non-government organization (NGO) services.


Feel free to contact Ms. Lakshima Kharel at 27415239/ klakshima@deliagroup.edu.hk

All the information will be kept confidential.  

And you are welcome to use Nepalese, Hindi, Urdu, English, and Chinese.

"Fifty Years of Continuous Excellence in Molding the Young Minds"



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