What is a portfolio?


A portfolio is a meaningful and orderly collection of student work which serves to showcase accomplishment. It includes a variety of entries including projects, homework, tests, extra-curricular activities, self-assessments etc. Each piece of work is an evidence of the student’s knowledge, skills and growth in school over a long period of time.

The portfolio does not only display a student’s best work; it also helps them develop important skills such as self-evaluation, organization and analysis. Students write a reflection that correlates with each work in their portfolio as a chance to reinforce the concepts they learned, assess their own work and set goals to improve in the future in order to move onto the next learning stage.

They are also allowed to communicate, present, and discuss their work with teachers and parents so as to foster intrinsic motivation, responsibility and ownership in their work. This, after all, individualizes learning and celebrates the uniqueness of each student through a holistic view of student learning in the portfolio.