Reading Scheme


  • Enhance the reading habit and interest of our students 

  • Cultivate students’ habit of reading and share the love of book

  • To build a good foundation for academic development

  • Students have to read the following number of books for each term according to the form they are in.

  • S1-S3: 10 books per year, students are required to read one book form each group (1-5) by the end of academic year, should be included one Chinese and English Book.

       5 Groups are:

        Group 1: Language 

        Group 2: Humanities

        Group 3: Science

        Group 4: Mathematics 

        Group 5: Arts, Music and Physical Education  

  • S4-S5: 4 books per year (online reading scheme, 2 must-read text, SBA book to be read during the Chinese New Year holiday)


"Fifty Years of Continuous Excellence in Molding the Young Minds"


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