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 Perfect Team

Prefect Duties

  • Maintain good order and discipline in the school campus at all times.

  • Carry out duties as assigned by teachers and Head Prefects. Patrol at corridors punctually at morning, recess and lunchtime.

  • Wear the school uniform flawlessly.

  • Monitor detention classes during lunchtime or afterschool

  • Attend prefects meeting and training.

  • Take up special duties when necessary: for example, PTI.

  • Check schoolmates’ uniform during assemblies and throughout the school hours

  • Act as responsible ambassador and set a very good example to schoolmates.

  • Serve as a bridge to foster close relationship between the student body and the school.

  • Remind fellow school mates to maintain the tidiness and neatness of oneself and of the campus.

  • Report any rule-violations to the school.

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