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Delia Glee Path Life Planning Team

Tips & Tricks 升學及就業貼士

✔️ Important Documents Checklist 重要文件清單
Scared of losing documents or forgetting something on registration day? Well, we've got ya! Buy a beautiful folder, personalize it by decorating and make sure you include all the documents listed in the checklist below (Both Original & Photocopies).
Credits to and Reference from UNISON:
Education and Career Pathways of Ethnic Minority Youth
Interview Tips 面試貼士

An interview is a process that aims to foster communication and mutual understanding. They key to success in interview is not tactics or attractive appearance, but your personal qualities, especially the personality and attitude you display. Making good preparation as well as being conscientious, punctual and polite are the basic things that students know but seldom do or take seriously. Truly, the key to success lies in whether you are willing to do a little bit more, or take a further step. Be careful of the following points:

真正的面試成功關鍵,不只在乎技巧及外表打扮,而在於你的個人質素,特別是你透過面試過程流露出來的性格和態度。認真、守 時、有禮、為面試或工作作好準備、做足功課,這些看似顯而易見的基本態度及行為,往往是同學知而不行,不認真處理的準備工作

  • Be on time 守時

  • Be well-prepared 準備充足

  • Concise answer 回答精簡

  • Dress properly 儀容整潔

  • Be confident 自信

  • Be polite 有禮貌

  • Show your knowledge and interest towards certain subject/job 展現自己對某學科/工作的認識及興趣

  • Prepare for some basic questions 準備基本問題的回應

    • One-minute self-introduction (in both Chinese and English) 一分鐘內用中、英文介紹自己

    • Why do you choose this faculty/job? 為甚麼選讀此系/工作?

    • What are your expectations for university life/job? 你對大學生活/工作有何期望?

    • What are your goals and aspirations? 你的理想、目標是甚麼?

    • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 你有甚麼優/缺點?

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