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Online Christmas Talent Show Videos

Performance #1: Für Elise by 1B 23 Ng Angie

Performance #2: Let it go by 1C 15 Haresh Sahana Sharon          

Performance #3: Passion Fruit (Drum) by 1C 39 Wong Marcus

Performance #4: Freestyle beatboxing by 2A 16 Kreuter Lee Ying Wah Thomas

Performance #7: Psycho x Love to hate me (Dancing) by 4B 28 Okoro Mercy Udunma John Obasi

Performance #5: Ordinary by 3B 5 Bautista Ocean Reese Pasaporte

Performance #8: 漁舟唱晚 (Chinese musical instrument) by 4C 38 Wong Shuk Wan (Sherry)

Performance #6: Feelings are fatal by 4B 24 Macdonald Warisara Andria

Performance #9: My Heart Will Go On by 5A 11 Gurung Suhita

Performance #10: Memories (original song) by 5C 30 Rana Sirishak & 5C 23 Liu Ying Fong (Jordan)

Performance #11: Lovely by 5A 11 Gurung Suhita & 5A 23 Limbu Tulasi Kumari

Performance #12: Our History by 6A 21 Kyla Peregrino, 6A 23 Aneelee Remoquillo & 6A 24 Jeninna Rosario

Performance #13: Afrotranse by 6A 31 Vergara Jason Emmanuel C.

Performance #14: Hip Hop Dance by 6B 8 Ramisa Gurung & 6B15 Kaur Shubhika

Guest Performance: So Much Better by Ms Therese

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