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Delia Glee Path University Scholarship :
III. Admitte
d Associate Degree / Higher Diploma / and Overseas Bachelor Degree Students

All Secondary 6 students who are successfully admitted into local associate degree programs, local higher diploma programs, and overseas bachelor degree programs are eligible to apply for a one-off scholarship not exceeding HK$10,000 per student. The total scholarship pool available to admitted students for the 2020-2021 academic year is HK$300,000. If the number of eligible students exceeds 30 students, then the scholarship allocated per student will be evenly split among the eligible students. For instance, if the number of eligible applicants is 40, the scholarship per student will amount to HK$7,500. 


The eligible applicant must complete the application form, attach a copy of the official school acceptance letter, and provide a copy of the receipt (of the school deposit to confirm the acceptance of the offer). Only students with Conduct B or above will be considered.



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