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Information and Communication Technology and Computer Literacy

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) program in Glee Path strives to educate our students to take the initiative in applying technology into their daily lives.Being confident in utilizing different technology, the ultimate goal for our students is to pave a successful career path.


Glee Path offers novice computer training for junior form students, teaching them a variety of application software including the office package, image editing software and communication software.The skills will allow students to create formal document, an informative presentation and assist in data analysis.Students can also apply their creativity with image editing software.Moreover, the skills acquired in research will equip students in locating the proper resources for drawing up a proposal.


After some basic trainings of application software, our students will be going through intermediate challenges with programming.A successful programmer does not rely on the number of programming languages learned but accelerate in problem solving using the smartest technique.Students will acquire some of the most popular computer algorithm while developing their own at the same time.We believe practical trainings with our students will build up clear minds and quick thinkers, thus leading to the way to their career.

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