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In the face of globalization and rapid global economic development, Hong Kong has to change to maintain its competitiveness. Economics belongs to the social science stream and economists often apply scientific methods in their research. Thus, studying Economics fosters the development of one’s rational and logical thinking skills, widens one’s horizon and deepens the knowledge about the economic growth of Hong Kong, mainland China as well as the world. These are some of the main qualities’ economists must be equipped with.


Studying Economics in Glee Path provides opportunities to apply students’ knowledge to the real business world. Every year, students in the Economics class will participate in the Junior Achievement (JA) Company Programme. Participation in this programme gives students the opportunity to establish and operate a real business under the guidance of professional business advisors. Students will have hands-on experience in running a real business and selling their products to the public.


At the end of the course, students will be able to analyze specific figures that can predict future economically-oriented events. They can think globally and act logically and independently. They will not only know the facts and concepts learned from textbooks but also can apply them to real situations in life.

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