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Non-local Further Studies

Students intending to pursue university, foundation courses, commercial, technical or other courses in the Mainland / outside Hong Kong are reminded to collect in-depth information before submitting their applications. Students can access reference materials about non-local further studies on the Life Planning Information Website of Education Bureau. Besides, students may seek relevant information from the respective Consulates or Commissions of the countries concerned, or consulting organisations listed below.


擬前往內地或香港以外地方修讀大學、大學基礎班、商科、技術或 其他課程的同學,在申請入學前,宜先蒐集詳盡資料。同學可透過教育局 生涯規劃資訊網站 查閱非本地升學參考資料,亦可向臚列在附錄中的國家領事館、專員公署或諮詢機構查詢相 關資料。

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