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PTA Committee members

Election of Parent-Teacher Association Committee Members 2020-2022

Election Manifesto of Candidate

Message from Parent PTA Committee Members


Hi, I am April Toledo. I am a full-time teacher and a mother of 2 teenagers; the youngest is currently in S4B.

As this year's chairperson of the PTA, in spite of being new at this role, I will do my best to fulfill the duties and responsibilities in any way I can. May it be sharing my ideas or expressing parents' opinion or organizing activities, to help bring parent-student-school closer.


And hopefully, in doing so, will inspire other parents to take an active role in supporting the school, as proof of our concern and love for our children.


Hello my name is Marya Tayyeb (mother of Ahmed Mujtaba S2A). I have completed my higher secondary from Indian School Dubai in Business Studies. I have also completed my MCSE in Dubai. At present, I am running my own business in Yuen Long.


I am happy that I have been elected as a Liaison Officer of PTA. It’s an honor for me to be part of the committee. As I am new to this, everything is a new experience but I ensure that I will be sincere towards my job and give my best.

I believe that PTA will help in establishing a good relationship or link among teachers, students and parents, based on shared feelings, experiences and ideas. Any kind of help of effort from me is assured and welcomed heartily.


Tram Party

On 17th April 2019,

We went to a tram party with our parents. Our students who study tourism and hospitality studies provided a tour guide to all of us.

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