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Students arriving later than 8:00 a.m. in the morning or after 1:25 p.m. in the afternoon will be regarded as being late; demerits will be issued to late comers.

For students arriving late

Lateness will be recorded on page 171 “Punctuality Record”

5 demerit points will be given each time. Each day there are 2 sessions, one in the morning and one after lunch. If students are late in the afternoon, 5 demerit points will be given each time as well.

They must attend a 30-min lunch detention on that day in the assigned room;

If they are late for 3 times, class teacher will arrange a meeting with parents. Besides attending lunch detention, they must also attend a session of a Reflection Program.


Absence will be noted by parents on page 173 “Absence Record”.
Students who are absent from school due to sickness must present a medical certificate on the first day upon returning to school. (Please refer to the page 15 "Points Deduction Reference")

Students applying for special leave must apply at least one week in advance. School will consider the leave application on a case-by-case basis for approval. (Please refer to the page 15 "Points Deduction Reference")

An early leave for an appointment will need to be approved by the school.

A student who has been absent for more than 20 days within both school terms may not be eligible for the examinations. Therefore, long leaves are not advised during school days.

Absence without proper supporting documents



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