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Citizenship and Social Development

What is Citizenship and Social Development?

Citizenship and Social Development aims to broaden students’ knowledge and enhance their social awareness through the study of a wide range of issues. It enables students to understand the contemporary world and its pluralistic nature. The modules selected for the curriculum focus on themes that are significant to students, society and the world, and are designed to enable students to make connections across different disciplines and to broaden their horizons.

An issue-enquiry approach is adopted in Citizenship and Social Developmen. This lets students develop the habit and ability for independent learning in the pursuit of knowledge and openness to new possibilities. 

Aims of Liberal Studies

The ultimate goal of Citizenship and Social Development is the development of positive values and attitudes. The core values emphasized in the education of Hong Kong throughout different stages and disciplines are reinforced in Citizenship and Social Development; and students are inclined to respect views and beliefs that differ from their own. In this way, students are also trained to make reasonable value judgements.

Liberal Studies in Glee Path

Glee Path provides a good environment for learning Citizenship and Social Development as students are of different cultural and racial backgrounds. Teachers facilitate students to exchange ideas and understand the pluralistic viewpoints in society with a variety of activities both in school and outside school. Students are also trained to acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research in the lessons. They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

Panel Members
Useful Links
Learning Activities

Visit to Green Hub and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

LS / CS – Monopoly 

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 大富翁遊戲

WhatsApp Image (3).jpg

LS / CS – Mooting and Mock Trial

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 模擬辯護和模擬法庭

LS/ CS – Debate

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 即席辯論

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 9.23.26 PM (3).jpeg

LS / CS – The Game of Origami star for Socialists and Capitalists

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 社會主義家與資本主義家的遊戲

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 12.35.09 PM (1).jpeg

LS / CS –  Group Discussion 

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 小組討論

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 12.38.50 PM (1).jpeg

LS / CS  –  National Security Education Exhibition

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 全民國家安全教育展覽

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 9.48.57 PM (1).jpeg

LS / CS  –  Poster Design

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 –海報設計

LS / CS  –  Participation of National Day Online Quiz

通識 / 社會及公民發展科 – 國慶日網上問答比賽


During these few years, LS / CS team perform professionally and teachers try the best to make an innovative LS hub for GP students. 

Ms. Fu Ka Yan, Janet 

(Head of Administrative Affairs)

(Panel Chairperson)

  • LS poster design

  • LS poster design🡪Revision booklet 

  • LS individual news sharing

  • LS group presentation for popular issues

  • Group Competition

  • Food incentive

Ms. Chau Shuk Yin, Suki

(Panel Chairperson)

  • Monopoly (credit to Mr.Wong Wing Lung)

  • Debate

  • Bonus Point system

  • Game Card system

  • LS group presentation for popular issues

Ms. Wong Lok Lam, Lorraine

  • Game of Quality of life

  • ‘Pathway’ to get a drinks

  • LS group presentation for popular issues

  • Group Competition

  • Food incentive

Ms. Chow Wan Ching, Kristie

  • Origami Star

  • LS group presentation for popular issues

  • Group Competition

  • Food incentive

Annual Plan of using one-off grant for supporting the implementation of  Citizenship and Social Development 2022-23



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