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Delia Glee Path University Scholarship :
i. Top-Achieving Student

A one-off scholarship of HK$40,000 will be offered to the top-achieving student (i.e. one student) among the graduating Secondary 6 students. The selection of the top-achieving student will be primarily based on final HKDSE results, taking into consideration students’ best six academic subjects on the HKDSE. Given the discrepancies between the HKDSE and GCSE Chinese curriculum, the student’s Chinese grade will be converted based on scholarship conversion guidelines as set out by the Delia Group of Schools (please refer to Appendix I for details).


The student(s) with the highest final HKDSE results will be invited by the School to make an application. The student(s) should also provide a recommendation letter from a teacher along with the application. Only students with Conduct B or above will be considered.



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