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Winter Uniform


Winter uniform for boys

  • Shirt: Long-sleeved white shirt with school badge. Shirt / T-shirt must be tucked into the trousers and should be pulled up to the waist level. All buttons should be buckled except the collar button.

  • Tie: Must wear school tie.

  • Trousers: Grey straight trousers. The length of the trousers should be appropriate, not too long to touch the ground.

  • Belt: Plain black leather belt, the width of the belt should not exceed 3 cm and the belt buckle should be around the size as the belt.

  • Shoes: Male plain black shoes. (Sports shoes and boots-like leather shoes are not allowed.)

  • Socks: Plain white short socks at least reaching ankles.

  • Underwear: Plain white under garment.

  • School badge: The school badge should be stitched on the pocket of the shirt.

  • Black Jacket: School black jacket.

  • Sweater: Woolen plain grey sweater or cardigan.

Winter uniform for girls

  • Dress: Grey knee-long dress with school badge and one piece plain white under garment. Sleeves cuffs

  • should be always nicely tied.

  • Shoes: Plain black shoes. Shoe heels should not exceed 2.5 cm.

  • Socks: Plain grey long socks (ruffles are not allowed).

  • Underwear: Plain white under garment.

  • Ribbon: The orange school ribbon should be tied noticeably at the collar of the dress.

  • Sweater: Wool plain grey sweater or cardigan.

  • Black Jacket: School black jacket.



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