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Visual Arts

Visual Arts is regarded as one of the universal languages all human beings understand and use to communicate. We use Visual Arts to express a wide array of values, beliefs, and ideas embraced by ourselves and to speak to others across time and place. Glee Path believes the importance of Visual Arts in the all-round development of students. Therefore, the school-based Visual Arts curriculum is adopted to provide a valuable and solid foundation for students to further pursue their study in higher level of arts education.  


The school-based visual arts curriculum adopts a balanced and diversified framework with emphasis on integrating three visual arts learning domains, which are Visual Arts knowledge, Visual Arts appreciation and criticism, and Visual Arts making. Moreover, the learning activities in Glee Path are designed in accordance with the four learning targets, which are developing creativity and imagination, developing skills and processes, cultivating critical responses, and understanding arts in context. Throughout the school-based curriculum, students are provided with opportunities to better prepare for higher level of art education by:

  • Developing students’ perceptual abilities, with emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience

  • Enabling students to express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations

  • Developing students’ visual cognition, generic skills and metacognition through art making, appreciation and criticism

  • Broadening students’ perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse cultures

  • Cultivating students’ emotions, personal refinement, morals and sense of commitment towards the nation and the world

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Students' Artworks

S3--Mask Design

S3 Self Portrait

S5 Close-up Animals

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