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Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

In 2018, Hong Kong ranks no. 1 in Wall Street Journal’s Index of Economic Freedom. Having such autonomy in doing business gives Hong Kong lots of opportunities. BAFS studies the miracle of this small city and how it interacts with the world. Students learn about Hong Kong’s business environment and explore different aspects of businesses to prepare students for not only learning but also employment.


Glee Path focuses not only on textbooks but also on self-actualization of knowledge. We also give chances for students to be a true investor. An investment simulation will be done with students. They will explore the news in the market and make the stimulated investment in Hong Kong stock exchange according to the actual financial news in the world. Through the process, students will understand what investment is and how investment affects people’s life. 


BAFS is a dynamic subject that keeps on changing especially in the globalized market with new technology appearing daily. Although the textbook teaches us concepts and tools. The methods of applying those concepts and tools in real cases is also equally important.

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S.3 50th Anniversary project

As part of their Business, Accounting and Financial Studies course, Form 3 students have embarked on an exciting and challenging project to design and build a product prototype in celebration of the school's 50th anniversary. This project has provided students with a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in product development, marketing, and entrepreneurship, and to showcase their creativity, teamwork, and leadership.


The project has involved several stages, starting with the planning and design phase, during which students had to come up with a product idea that could appeal to the school community and reflect the school's values and history. Students worked in groups, researched and analyzed the market trends and customer preferences, and developed a product concept and prototype using various materials and tools.


Once the prototypes were ready, students had to prepare a marketing plan and pitch to promote their product to the teachers, who acted as potential investors and judges. Each group had to present their product's features, benefits, target audience, pricing, and promotion strategies, and respond to questions and feedback from the teachers.


This project has been a valuable and enriching experience for the Form 3 students, who have learned not only how to create a product but also how to market it and build a successful business. The project has also contributed to the school's anniversary celebration and fostered a sense of pride and collaboration among the students and teachers.

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Profit & Loss account

In learning financial management, we have introduced a new interactive game to help students learn about profit and loss accounts. This game is designed as a fun variation of the classic "paper scissor rock" game, with an additional element of chance and strategy. Students will play in pairs or small groups, and each round will involve flipping a card from a set of accounts on the table. The goal is to collect the cards that match the categories and figures needed to create a proper profit & loss account format.


The game is not only engaging and entertaining but also educational and practical. By playing this game, students can develop their understanding of the key concepts and terminology related to profit and loss accounts, such as revenue, expenses, net profit, gross profit, etc. They can also practice their analytical and critical thinking skills, as they need to make decisions based on the cards they have and the cards they need to complete their account. Moreover, the game encourages collaboration and communication among students, as they can discuss and compare their strategies and results with each other.


Overall, this game is a valuable and effective tool for students to learn about profit and loss accounts in a meaningful and memorable way. It provides a hands-on and interactive experience that complements traditional classroom instruction and enhances the student's learning outcomes. We believe that this game can benefit students of various ages and levels of proficiency, and we encourage teachers and educators to incorporate it into their curriculum and activities.


Presentation on GP teachers' reward 

Several groups of diligent and insightful students have recently conducted a presentation on the topic of evaluating school teachers' compensation rewards. Through their extensive research and analysis, these students have identified a range of problems and struggle that many school teachers face in terms of their pay and benefits. Furthermore, they have provided valuable suggestions and recommendations for the school administration to consider in order to improve the overall compensation system and support the well-being and motivation of the teachers.


The students' presentation was well-organized, informative, and persuasive. They began by outlining the key issues and concerns related to the current compensation system, such as the lack of transparency, fairness, and flexibility. They also highlighted the impact of these issues on the teachers' job satisfaction, retention, and performance, as well as on the student's learning outcomes and experiences. Moreover, they drew upon various sources of data and examples to illustrate the scope and severity of the problem, as well as the potential benefits and costs of different solutions.


After presenting the problems, the students proceeded to propose a set of concrete and feasible solutions to address them. The students' suggestions were well-researched, innovative, and practical. They demonstrated a deep understanding and empathy for the teachers' needs and aspirations, as well as a strategic and visionary mindset for the school's long-term success and impact.

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