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History (Chinese and World History)

The study of Chinese and World History is crucial in nurturing responsible and competent citizens of Hong Kong, of China and of the world. Historical materials provide a rich context for training up transferable skills that are essential in the 21st century. 


Our curriculum not only present students with valuable historical information but focuses on teaching students critical concepts in history and practice various learning skills. We chose engaging stories that spark students interest and guide them through comparative investigation of key historical events across different civilizations around the world. 


Various topics are covered. Starting with learning about the concepts such as continuity & change, labels of time and classification of historical sources. Then, the concepts shall be applied in studying the history of the surrounding communities—the Delia Group, Mei Foo and rural Hong Kong. The scope of study gradually broadens and touches upon historical periods like the Ming Dynasty in China and the World Wars. 


In the short term, we aim to equip students with the competencies in learning, thinking and expressing that are necessary for them to thrive in their senior form academic study. Moreover, the knowledge and skills students gained from studying the subject shall allow them to make informed decisions by conducting systematic analysis, appreciate local reality through a fresh and fair lens, and embrace diversity in the build

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