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Culture & Identity (C&I)

C&I is developed based on the idea of ​​TWI (Two-Way Immersion). It aims at providing an interactive bilingual learning environment for our Chinese and non-Chinese students. Chinese students are encouraged to speak in English while non-Chinese students are encouraged to speak in Cantonese. The scheme aims to boost cultural awareness and improve second language literacy of both groups. Our C&I program is recognized by QEF (Quality Education Fund). Moreover, a research report has shown that Chinese and non-Chinese students are more willing to interact with each other in their second languages ​​after experiencing the TWI environment.


   Our, once a week C&I program is targeted at our junior forms. The entire form is divided into groups of 10, with one teacher in charge of each group. Each lesson features wide variety of topics from learning about multiculturalism to dealing with interpersonal relationships. The lessons are taught using TWI concepts, using both English and Chinese to teach. Students perform different group tasks, such as a research report or a drama show in front of the entire form. Moreover, students are required to reflect on their achievements and how they can improve for their future projects.

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