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Good Discipline Scheme

If you are punctual and have no demerits for 20 consecutive school days, you are eligible for getting 5 extra merit points from your class teachers. You may apply for the merit points following the guidelines below.

  1. Student:

Check WebSAMS anytime:

(no lateness + no demerits) * 20 consecutive school days


Fill in the google form using the link below (or you can also find the link at school teamwork messenger) anytime

3)General office:

Check the application in the 1st week of each month

4)General office:

Give class teachers a name list of students who can get  merit points in the 2nd week of each month

5)Class teacher:

Add 5 merit points to students in WebSAMS in the 3rd week of each month


Check WebSAMS and see if 5 merit points have been added in the 1st week of the next month

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