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Inter House Mini Sport Day

Hula Hoop Competition.JPG
Shot Put Competition 2.JPG
Standing High Jump Competition.JPG
Overall Champion (V House).JPG
Group Photos.JPG
Standing High Jump Competition 2.JPG
Standing Long Jump Competition2.JPG
Shot Put Competition.JPG
Standing Long Jump Competition.JPG

Congratulations to those winners!

Thank you for all of the cabinets working so hard in participating in the election,  all of you have done so well and make Glee Path house election very excited! We are happy to welcome our new house cabinets!


Get ready for our election!

Dear all Glee Pathers! We are going to have our house election on 25-Nov-2020, due to the current situation, we are going to have a new way to vote! Please stay tuned! And now, please have a look of our candidates this year!

House System

House Election: 25/11/2020

The school is divided into subunits called “Houses” and each student is allocated to one House at the moment of enrolment. Houses may compete with one another at sports and in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty.


In Glee Path, all students will be placed in one of four Houses, “L”, “O”, “V” or “E”. Each House could be identified by its own symbol, logo and colours. Our Houses focus on caring for our new members as well as their development within the House, together with GP Family, each member will be allocated to an assigned teacher to guide them throughout their secondary school life. Hence, spreading “LOVE” would be the major spirit of our Houses.

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