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Special Announcement

The hygiene of the school campus is always one of our main concerns. In view of the development of the Novel Coronavirus, we put emphasis on all kinds of precautionary measures for providing a campus in good condition to our students. All the precautionary measures are conducted in accordance to the Guidelines on prevention of Communicable Diseases in Schools / Kindergartens / Kindergartens-cum-Child Care Centres / Child Care Centres provided by Centre for Health Protection.


The school is going to join the Community Care Fund Assistance Programme - Provision of Subsidy to Needy Primary and Secondary Students for Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices to Facilitate the Practice of e-Learning in this academic year. 

S.1 students who are receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) from the Social Welfare Department or full grant of the School Textbook Assistance Scheme from the Student Financial Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency are welcome to apply. Details will be announced when class resumes.



HKDSE Revised Schedule


Check out the latest railway stations situation here!


Check out the latest special traffic arrangement here! 


 Check out real time traffic CCTV, news, transportation situation and weather here!



Vice-principal in GP

Shares the moment of joy, Ms. Leong Oi Chan becomes our Nth Vice-principal in the history of Glee Path

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