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School Hoodies - Pre Order

The school hoodies are now available for order on the registration day (Friday, July 16) for all S1 - S5 students! 🤩🤩

🔥This is your ONLY chance to order the hoodie for the coming academic year. Any orders after Friday will not be accepted⚠️ So we highly encourage all of you to order while it is available!🌈

The hoodies will be $165 for each and you are also given the freedom to choose from the 8 different materials available based on your own preference✨

Details of the pre-order will be announced on Friday morning! Stay tuned😎

所有中一至中五的同學可以在註冊日(即7 月 16 日,星期五)訂購學校的衛衣! 🤩🤩


衛衣每件售價 $165,你還可以根據自己的喜好,從 8 種不同的物料中選取你喜歡的配搭✨



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