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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing arts is a new subject introduced this year 2019 – 2020, it enhances and revamps the conventional and traditional Music lessons in schools by incorporating different performative art into the lesson. Introducing artistic and creative activities and surrounding students with different performing platforms such as theatre, film and various other stage performances.

The aim of our Performing Arts curriculum is to expose students in a creative and artistic environment through participating in various performative activities. The goal is to surround students with different forms of performing arts and bring out an artistic and expressive side to them.

The curriculum aims to throw light towards the different ethnic and cultural backgrounds that the school has. As our school is rich in different nationalities, our objective is to make the students realize the importance of their culture and their heritage through performances. The goal is for students to manifest different cultures and produce performances based on their traditions. This enables students to become exposed to different heritage and customs that their schoolmates have originated from.

Performing arts includes not only front stage elements but backstage and the process of a production as well, where different talents and strengths will be fully utilized. The curriculum itself is not only an individual learning process but a process of building and working together in groups to create a major production that fully utilizes different capabilities and skills of our students. Developing skills and honing talents as individuals while working in groups.

This program will not only produce performers with skills varying from singing, dancing and acting, but will also focus on honing skills in scriptwriting, stage managing, directing, production design in stage design, lighting and sound. As well as producing posters and marketing their own productions. At the end of each curriculum for each year, student’s will produce their own work such as poetry, script, film and theatre play.

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