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World Book Day Writing Competition

World Book Day Writing Competition Poste

📚In preparation for World Book Day on 23/4, we want to celebrate the readers and writers of our school. 


📝Books have long entertained us as a source of information, relief and friendly companion on our hardest nights. Nothing feels better than to snuggle in, grab a cup of hot chocolate and escape into a world of endless possibilities. So why not participate in this year’s World Book Day by writing about a book that has made a huge difference in your life? 


📖The deadline for the competition is on 1st May,2020. 

Category: A story that touched my heart (junior), The power and impact of reading (senior)
Word limit: 300-500 words (junior), 500-800 words (senior)
Deadline: 1st May, 2020 11:59 pm 


Prizes (for Junior and senior form):
Champion: $500 Book coupon, certificate and work displayed in the library and the school website
1st runner up: $300 book coupon, certificate
2nd runner up: $200 book coupon, certificate
2 Honourable mentions from each form

Submission link:

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