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Appearance and Uniform

Appearance for students

  • Hairstyle should be neat and color should be natural and simple.

  • Hair should be above the eyebrows.

  • For boys: Hair should be above the collar of the shirt. Hair on the temples should be above half of the ear. Any hair clips or hair tie are not allowed.

  • For girls: For those whose hair reaches their shoulders, they must hold the hair together with a plain dark color hair tie. Only black hair clips are allowed.

  • Hairstyling products, like gel, should not be used. Excessive hair coloring (colors considered as non-natural hair color), distracting hairstyles are not allowed.

  • No accessory is allowed (Unless for religious reasons. Students may approach class teachers for further details.)

  •  Color of turbans or scarves should be only plain black or white.

  • If earrings need to be worn, only one pair of pellet-shaped plain studs (same style) is allowed. For the nose or other parts of the ears, students may only use transparent plastic sticks. No others accessories are allowed. (Unless for religious reasons. Students may approach class teachers regarding the procedure of approval.)

  •  Long fingernails, nail polish and make-up (including colored lip balm or tint) are not allowed.

P.E. Uniform

  •  Yellow short-sleeved or house uniform (with the school badge).

  •  School dark blue straight long sports pants with two yellow sides or black shorts with the name of our school. (No leggings under the shorts are allowed.)

  •  Plain white short socks and predominantly white sport shoes.

School bag

  •  The school bag is a part of the school uniform. All students should bring the school bag assigned by the school.



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