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Tourism and Hospitality Studies

In Hong Kong, the tourism and hospitality industry has taken on a role of growing importance in the local economy. In equipping students for this new socio-economic environment, Tourism and Hospitality Studies provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge about the industry.

What can students learn/benefit from it?

THS provides opportunities for students to develop generic skills, such as communication, interpersonal, information-processing, problem-solving and decision-making skills for life-long learning. Through studying the local and international tourism and hospitality trends and issues and their social, economic and environmental impact, students explore and understand the relationship between individuals and society.

How will students learn effectively in the subject?

Visiting museums, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, attractions, reading newspapers and travel blogs, watching related TV programs are all potential sources of information in helping students to learn effectively in the subject.

How can it help students prepare for their future?

THS enables students to understand important issues of the local and global tourism industry. The professional and generic skills acquired will also help students to excel in other service industries.

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Learning Activities
Learning Activities

Summer Flight Attendant Training Initiated by Ms. K

Tai O Cultural Tour

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Airline Pilot Career Talk

Meeting with Ground Staffs

Dorsett Hotel Visit




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