The Online Learning Lessons are conducted before the date of class resumption according to the 2nd term timetable.

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced that school in Hong Kong can resume classes in a gradual and orderly manner.  Classes in our school resume according to the following schedule:


Class Level            Date of class resumption                Start Time            Leave Time

S.4 & S.5                 27th May (Wed)                                  8:00a.m.               1:00p.m.

S.3                           27th May (Wed)                                  8:10a.m.               1:00p.m.

S.1 & S.2                 8th June (Mon)                                   8:10a.m.               1:00p.m.



年級                           復課日期                           上課時間                    放學時間

中四及中五               五月廿七日(星期三)     上午八時正                 下午一時

中三                          五月廿七日(星期三)     上午八時十分             下午一時

中一及中二               六月八日(星期一)        上午八時十分              下午一時

Welcome all our Glee Pather for the class resumption. Our whole school campus was sanitized.

歡迎我們的Glee Pather 重回已作清毒的校園﹗ 



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