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Please note that classes will be suspended until further notice due to the development of the Novel Coronavirus. To ensure best use of time, students please finish the home learning tasks.

The Online Learning Lessons will be conducted from 30th March 2020 (Monday) according to the Online Learning Lessons timetable. Students please participate in the Online Learning Lessons by clicking the corresponding link of the lesson on the attached timetable .
同學請 依據附件的連結前往Zoom課室上課 ,務必根據網上課堂時間表出席課堂。

The school heard from some parents that they have difficulty to get access to the internet so that students might not be able to finish HLT, we are pleased to tell you that our school joins a "Bandwidth Support for E-learning at Home Scheme", eligible students will be given SIM cards with data plans to access the internet in Hong Kong for four months. Families in need please go to the link and complete the form on or before Tuesday, 31 March 2020 and the school will allocate to students by raffle draw in case applications exceed the number of SIM cards in the scheme.